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Why Athletic Fields Opt for Artificial Grass

Today, there is nothing new when talking about artificial grass for athletic or sports fields. In fact, plastic grass isn’t just made for that purpose; most residential and commercial properties are now opting for a synthetic lawn due to the amazing benefits.

Unlike having a lawn made out of natural grass where there are endless maintenances to worry about, synthetic grass removes all of it. You get to save time and money in one slick investment, and it lasts for more than 15 years – backed with warranties.
How exactly a plastic turf is amazing will be discussed on this article to show you why this era now and only opts for artificial grass as much as possible.

Consistent All Year

The first and major reason why athletic fields simply opt for artificial grass is because of its consistency. One reason why athletes are prone to injuries is due to inconsistent terrain. Some parts of the fields are firmer than others, some are more slippery, some are dry and dull, and some parts are not properly leveled. This not only increases the chances of injury but also makes the players ability to play at an optimum level quite difficult. The greatest things about having plastic for a field is that you will have the same level of consistency throughout the entire field, all green, all soft yet has a firm foot grip, and is there are no uneven parts.

Maintenance Free
Being said that having a synthetic turf gives our athlete this consistency, it also gives the people in charge of maintaining it some huge slack. You can cut down the cost of people maintaining the arena as there is nothing that great to maintain. Having plastic grass saves you great amounts of money as you no longer have to mow and water it daily. Unlike having natural grass, not only will it wither and die without water, it also is unbearable when untrimmed – this causes most players to get snatched and fall when daily trimming is absent. You save water, time, and effort for simply transforming natural to artificial.

Away from Pesticides and Harmful Chemicals

The last and probably one of the most important reason why athletic fields opt for artificial grass is due to its ability to simply stay away from chemicals. Natural grass needs treatment in order to get rid of pests and maintain its lush ever green. Fertilizers and pesticides costs a lot of money and can do harm on an athlete’s health. There are a lot of cases where athletes get unintentionally poisoned from pesticides when they fall on the field. This can cost the host/owner of the field liable for such accident, and that can cost some hefty worth of sum that every person would definitely love to avoid.

The Typical Price

Now that you’ve finally know why almost every field today goes artificial, I believe you know want to know the price. A typical price range for say, a soccer field, will cost anywhere around $4.50 to $8.00 per square foot. This is due to a lot of factors, one of which is the drainage system and the quality of turf you want to be installed. The wider you go and the better quality you choose, the more expensive it will be. However, it is quite fair as the buyer will be assured that the turf will last a guaranteed seven years for the lowest quality and around 15 years for standard quality mats – of course, the more expensive, the better the feature and the longer the warranty.

The main reason why artificial turf is the prime choice for almost all athletic field is due to a lot of reasons, actually more than the ones mentioned. However, the main reason of all is due to the fact that it gives athletes a consistent play which everyone is looking for. Not only does it save water, time, energy, and effort in maintenance, it can provide an exciting, safe, and enjoyable game for every match held. It is a sure win investment for the player and entrepreneur. The players and the owners who love the sport and the business. No one will lose any when they choose artificial grass.

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E-Commerce sites are an effective way to sell to a global audience – and they work 24/7!  We offer multiple e-commerce solutions to suit most budgets.  We can even make recommendations on credit card merchant account options!